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You are overwhelmed by the changes and growth of the online world. You want people to find your business in the chaos of the World Wide Web. You want a website that will get traffic. You want to be with “IT” and use blogs, YouTube and social media, but it’s just not your area of expertise. That’s where we come in…we offer Intregrated Online Marketing & Brand Management Done Right. The Media Mama is a hybrid media management company that is part old school PR and part super Hi tech.

Founded by Joelle Norwood, The Media Mama is an online business designed to help entrepreneurs understand that everyone is now a broadcaster, a publisher, and to help them take advantage of the revolution that is Web 2.0.

The Media Mama Services

Web Design

Your website is your business’ home on the Web. It speaks volumes about your business.  We build websites that say SUCCESS!


Your brand is so much more than a logo!  It’s a two way conversation between your business and your market. What is your brand saying?

Social Media

Are you ready to join the conversation?  Its a social media revolution and Web 2.0 is the future of your business.

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Discover for yourself how The Media Mama can help you create an amazing brand and your entire online media portfolio, from websites to social media!

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