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Your Brand: Packaging – Positioning – Business Launching You as an Expert.

The Brand of U: The Whole Enchilada! Packaging – Positioning – Business Launching You as an Expert. Brain Flossing and Mindset: Value what and who you know. Build the Business Brand of U. Build your experiences into your business strategy and model. Focus and own your topic. What would you really love to teach Identify [...]

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Everyone Is Creative! Time to Disrupt Your Routines and Let Your Mind Wander.

  People are always asking me why and how are you so creative.  Yes, I am creative but so are you. Everyone is creative. It’s  all about tapping into your creativity. “According to Keith Sawyer, research psychologist and author of “Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity,” everyone can be more creative just by [...]

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Want To Increase Your Traffic Online – Add Video To Your Website

Top Reasons For Adding Video To Your Website:   Reason #1 Increase traffic to your site. Reason #2  Brand recognition and visibility. Reason # 3  Video is more powerful than text. Reason #4 Video creates a visual experience faster than words. Reason #5  Most people would rather watch a video than read. Reason #6   It’s [...]

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Do People Read Reviews?

The answer is yes .. definitely Yes! According to Nielsen Research….. “According to Nielsen Research,  92 % consumers rely heavily on recommendations from friends and family “above all form of advertising.”  Reviews are also known as testimonials on your website and other social venues such as Yelp and Google + can help you get people [...]

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YouTube Infographic

Infographic Created by ShortyMedia

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How To Set Up Your WebCam Properly on YouTube

How To Use Your Webcam To Record Video Directly From YouTube. If you have a webcam built into or connected to your computer, you can record a webcam video on YouTube and upload it directly to the site.   Here’s the information from YouTube How to record your video Click the Record from webcam link [...]

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18 Tips For YouTube Success

YouTube What is it? YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload, share, and view videos from other YouTubers. Who It Good For? YouTube is great for anyone with a camera phone that can capture video, or in others instances, people that want to share their original music, talent, or opinions on topics. [...]

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To Blog Or Not To Blog That Is the ?

Should you add a blog to your website?   Yes, Yes and Yes, creating new content is a great way to attract new folks to your site.  Here’s the BIG BUT … you need to do Right and not just throw up more and more information that is not useful and interesting to your target audience [...]

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