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Want To Increase Your Traffic Online - Add Video To Your Website


 Top Reasons For Adding Video To Your Website:

Reason #1 Increase traffic to your site.

Reason #2  Brand recognition and visibility.

Reason # 3  Video is more powerful than text.

Reason #4 Video creates a visual experience faster than words.

Reason #5  Most people would rather watch a video than read.

Reason #6   It’s great for SEO.  SEO Search engine optimization which is how people find you on the web.

The Media Mama Social Media Agency Bethesda, MD Social Media Made Easy. We offer onsite  Video and Social Media Workshops for Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Authors, Real Estate professionals, Wedding Photographers, Event Planners.


Joelle Norwood

I’m a new media adventurer, explorer and conquistador of the world wide web. How did I get here from producing for broadcast television? Technology infiltrated traditional media, the launchpad of my first career, and I embraced it as an early adopter. Founder of The Media Mama.com

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